Make it Hybrid

Sky Cabs is pleased to announce it has 4 Electric Taxis in its fleet. The New Taxis are state of the art, and have a much lower carbon footprint.

New features include six seats, onboard wi-fi, USB charging, a panoramic roof, and an aluminium body that is stronger and will better protect the passenger.

In addition, passengers should expect an unrivalled ride quality, class leading wheelchair accessibility, air-conditioning, phone charging and a much more spacious cabin.

The black cab trade has a global reputation for safety and this remains top of the agenda. World class active and passive safety systems will help to protect both the vehicle and other road users.

These include forward collision warnings, autonomous emergency breaking and emergency brake assistance. All of which will act to reinforce the black cab trade’s global reputation for safety.

LEVC is working with drivers and other organisations to ensure that TX drivers will be the world’s most connected cabbies.

The new vehicle also includes an on-board sat-nav to help drivers identify congestion and plan alternative routes.

You can see the article in the Northants Telegraph here