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About Us
Sky Cabs was set up in 2001, with the aim to provide a leading service to the area, using state of the art technology.
We have the largest purpose built fleet in the region, with almost 100 taxi’s, we are the first and real stars of affordable transport in the region. 
Corby Taxi’s are the eighth cheapest taxi service in UK*. (Joint eighth out of 360 boroughs in the Country)
Sky Cabs is the best value for money, considering the huge investment and running costs of Hackney Carriages compared to normal private style vehicles.
This also lets us carry more passengers with all of our vehicles being a minimum of 5 seats, and with 7 seater vehicles on our fleet.
We have state of the art technology for vehicle deployment and a booking app for our customers to further aid this. 
You can find out more about the cost of Hackey Carriages within the Corby Borough, by clicking here
For fares outside of Corby Borough, please contact us for further information and a fixed price.
24/7 Dedicated Call Centre
Sky Cabs has a dedicated 24/7/365 Call Centre.
An integral part of our vehicle deployment processes, making sure that we have the fastest response times in the area, making your transport, hassle free and value for money.